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4 Best Egg Freezing Clinics in NYC

We chose 4 best fertility centers based on success rates and patients reviews for egg freezing

By Anastasiia Timon, Founder of Blooming Eve
Updated March 31st 2024

Selecting the best fertility clinic is probably the most important decision in your egg freezing journey. In this article, we evaluated 25+ fertility clinics in NYC. Whether you reside in the bustling heart of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island, Blooming Eve can help you find the best option for your egg freezing in NYC.
The Center for Fertility and Gynecology, Vermesh Center for Fertility
Best Egg Freezing Focused in NYC

Extend Fertility

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Extend Fertility is a leading fertility clinic dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to individuals embarking on their reproductive journeys. With a focus on egg freezing and fertility preservation, Extend Fertility has garnered widespread praise for its professionalism, compassion, and commitment to patient-centric care.


✔️ High success rates <35 y.o.
✔️ Affordable pricing
✔️ Fertility preservation specialization 
✔️ Patient-centric approach
✔️ Good communication
✔️ Modern state-of-the-art facilities
✔️ Transparency and honesty


⭕️ Limited information on patients over 38 y.o.
⭕️ One location
Overview of Extend Fertility
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NYU Langone Fertility Center

Highest quality fertility clinic with experienced clinical staff
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NYU Langone Fertility Center stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of reproductive medicine, offering a comprehensive range of services with a focus on compassion, expertise, and personalized care.


✔️ Experienced and caring doctors
✔️High Quality Facilities
✔️High Success Rates
✔️High Egg-Freezing Volume
✔️Warm and Supportive Environment


⭕️ Billing issues and non-transparent pricing
⭕️Communication and follow-ups
⭕️Individualized treatment plans
Overview of NYU Langone Fertility Center

CCRM New York

The best cutting edge technology and expertise (but expensive)
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CCRM clinics all over the U.S. are famous for their network of North America’s leading fertility doctors. The quality of CCRM’s labs and their esteemed research facility sets is their core differentiator. Their frozen embryo transfer success rates in every age category are among the highest in the world. Their research expedited progress in reproductive medicine.  


✔️ High success rates
✔️ Compassionate and Knowledgeable Doctors
✔️Cutting-Edge Technology and Treatment Options
✔️ High egg-freezing volume
✔️Clear Communication and Educational Resources


⭕️ High price of egg freezing
⭕️ Billing and Insurance Handling
⭕️Accessibility and Customer Service
Overview of CCRM New York

Rejuvenating Fertility Center

Best affordable fertility clinic in NYC with less invasive options
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Rejuvenating Fertility Clinic (RFC) has been pioneering less invasive approaches to IVF, such as Natural IVF and Gentle IVF (Mini IVF). RFC praises itself for prioritizing patient well-being and its commitment to research, education, and patient-centered care. The clinic does not discriminate based on factors like age, weight, or ovarian reserve, believing that everyone deserves a chance to conceive using their own eggs.


✔️ Very affordable prices
✔️ Great reviews
✔️ High Egg-Freezing Volume
✔️Personalized care
✔️Minimal Medication Protocols
✔️Positive Atmosphere


⭕️ Public CDC success rates are not available yet
⭕️ Communication issues
Overview of Rejuvenating Fertility Center

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