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Anastasiia Timon & Anya Kern
Co-founders of Blooming Eve

We’ve been there.

We experienced firsthand how expensive and intimidating the fertility journey could be. That’s why we started Blooming Eve: to eliminate the unnecessary stress of finding the right clinic so that you can focus on your fertility goals.

Our missionis to make fertility care more affordable and understandable.

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When my OB-GYN recommended me a fertility clinic,  I checked their pricing and it was $17k for a cycle. At Blooming Eve I found a clinic that charges just $6k total. I would’ve wasted so much money.”

Ann, 29 yo
Manhattan, NY

I've been diagnosed with endometriosis, and my doctor suggested it could impact my fertility. I didn't know what to do with that info, but I stumbled across Blooming Eve. They helped me understand my options better."

Joy, 34 yo
Los Angeles, CA

I am so grateful that I found my fertility clinic! I changed 3 clinics, and either I felt dismissed entirely, the diagnosis didn't make sense, or the price was outrageous. Blooming Eve helped me find a good clinic where I got the treatment."

Claire, 39 yo
Atlanta, GA

Meet our Medical Advisors

Our team brings more than 15 years of experience in reproductive medicine, digital health and design to reimagine access to fertility care.

Gerard Reilly, MD


Director of Clinical Research and Innovation Axia Women’s Health

Sunny Jun, MD


CCRM San Francisco Co-Founder and Co-Medical Director

Joshua U. Klein, MD


Chief Clinical Officer at Extend Fertility and Assistant Clinical Professor, OB/GYN and Reproductive Science

Hary Hokianto, MBA


IVF operations management, business development executive

Abigail Proffer, MD, FACOG Medical Advisor to Blooming Eve

Abigail Proffer, MD


AdventHealth & Mid America Physician Services LLC
Department Chair & Physician

Dr. Yaron Goikhman, MD


Israeli Medical Center of Reproductive Medicine and Family Health.

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Our team brings more than 15 years of experience in reproductive medicine, digital health and design to reimagine access to fertility care.

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