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We support you at every step of your egg freezing journey: from selecting the clinic to ordering medication and optimizing your costs.

Start with fertility assessment and understanding your family goals.

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How we help

optimizing your costs

We find high performance clinics that maximize your results, taking into consideration your budget (as low as $6,000 all inclusive with medication).

timely information

You can’t always rely on a timely response from traditional clinics. But with our WhatsApp support group, we’ll be there to quickly get you the information you need on a timely basis. This can help you prevent costly mistakes.

1:1 matching

We’ll match you up with women who have already gone through the egg freezing process, someone who has been there before and can help you know what to expect.

When you start freezing with us:

Meet with our fertility specialist and book an appointment with a pre-selected clinic in your area
Consultation with a clinic, get your blood work and ultrasound and define next steps
Start your cycle (2.5 weeks) and have Blooming Eve support at each step of your journey

Our guidance & research

$150 one time payment

Includes monthly supply of the most effective supplements to support egg quality, notebook for journaling and a free call.

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We’ve researched

Over 450 fertility clinics and specialists in the US

We select only the most effective and affordable ones in your area

Blooming Eve testimonials:

“I’ve been considering freezing my eggs for a while, but $17k that I saw as an average was a lot for me. Blooming Eve found a clinic for me that charges just $6k in total. I couldn’t have done it without them.”
Ann, 29 yo
Manhattan, NY
“I didn’t know where I should go to do my egg freezing. I tried calling a few clinics, but it’s hard to get a clear picture of the pricing from them or any suggestions on PCOS. Getting info from Blooming Eve was just a breeze.”
Joy, 34 yo
Los Angeles, CA
“None of my friends or family froze eggs before, so I had nobody to ask how it REALLY is. I just loved Blooming Eve’s 1:1 matching with women who froze eggs before - it really helped me know what to expect and set my mind at ease!”
Claire, 39 yo
Atlanta, GA

We’ve been there. We experienced firsthand how expensive and intimidating egg freezing can be. That’s why we started Blooming Eve, the place for guidance and support.

Our mission is to make egg freezing more affordable, less intimidating, and understandable.

Why freeze eggs?

Egg freezing helps to preserve your fertility until you are ready to have kids. More and more people open up about their infertility, like Jennifer Aniston, and they wish they considered freezing eggs.

Also, did you know that you actually save money on IVF if you freeze your eggs earlier?

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