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5 Best Fertility Clinics in San Francisco Bay (Northern California)

We chose 5 best fertility centers based on success rates and patients reviews.

By Anya Kern, co-founder of Blooming Eve
Updated January 2nd 2024

Selecting the best fertility clinic is probably the most important decision in your fertility journey. In this article, we evaluated around 90 fertility clinics in California. Whether you reside in the bustling heart of San Francisco, San Jose, South, East or North Bay, we've compiled a list of conveniently located fertility clinics for you.
CCRM Center for Reproductive Medicine, LLC (BACRM)
Most Acclaimed Fertility Clinic in San Francisco

CCRM San Francisco

Fertility clinic in Menlo Park, South Bay San Francisco
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The clinic is in the network of one of the most acclaimed fertility centers in the US, which is famous for hiring the best doctors. CCRM's high quality Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) technology enables them to achieve some of the highest IVF live birth rates and lowest miscarriage rates regardless of age. All CCS testing is conducted at CCRM Genetics, CCRM's proprietary in-house lab.  


✔️ Top rated doctors
✔️ One of the leaders in reproductive medicine in the USA
✔️ Good success rates


⭕️  Busy practice, it can be hard to schedule appointments
⭕️  Previously miscommunications about billing happened
Overview of CCRM San Francisco

RMA - Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California

Fertility clinic located in San Francisco
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The clinic has high success rates and personal, individualized approach and the largest number of locations in the USA.


✔️ High success rates
✔️ Good reviews
✔️ Multiple locations around the world
✔️ High egg freezing volume, and a bit lower egg freezing price than the rest of SF Bay


⭕️ Finance department is in New Jersey and difficult to get information from
⭕️ As in any busy clinic, you will be treated by the whole team, not just your doctor
Overview of RMA - Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California

Spring Fertility

Fertility centers in San Francisco, Soma, Oakland, Silicon Valley, Redwood City, Danville, California
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The fertility clinic participates in clinical research studies to advance the field of reproductive medicine, improve success rates, and deliver on a higher standard of patient care.

Spring Fertility advises patients seeking the highest likelihood of future success in having multiple children to consider egg or embryo banking cycles. The effectiveness of these cycles is not fully reflected in the clinic's SART success rates, as they can lower success rates by increasing the denominator. Spring Fertility is committed to working with patients who have been advised by other clinics to consider donor eggs. The clinic is open to challenging cases, even if they may impact success outcomes, as it prioritizes doing what is ethically right for its patients.


✔️ High success rates
✔️ Good reviews
✔️ Very timely appointments and responses through the app


⭕️  Bad bedside manners at times
⭕️ Overweight patients felt talked down to
Overview of Spring Fertility

Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area

Fertility clinic in Oakland, Los Gatos, San Mateo and San Ramon.
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Fertility clinic leader in reproductive services and infertility treatments for all since 1983. Institute of Medical Quality Surgery Center recognition. Centers of Excellence certification for AETNA and UHC. The team's pioneering efforts in IVF, reproductive endocrinology, pelvic microsurgery, and operative pelviscopy have helped many couples realize the goal of starting a family.


✔️ Very high success rates
✔️ Great reviews
✔️ Patients felt heard and supported
✔️ Very considerate of patient's insurance
✔️ IVF Military Discounts and bundle discounts


⭕️ Billing errors
⭕️ Hard to get a hold of staff
Overview of Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area

Northern California Fertility Medical Center

Fertility clinic in Sacramento, California
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Northern California Fertility Medical Center (NCFMC), established in 1992 and is staffed by five board-certified reproductive endocrinology specialists and an experienced team of embryologists, nurses, medical assistants, and administrative personnel. Additionally, urologist Dr. Gould, who specializes in male infertility, is available for consultation. NCFMC affiliated with UC Davis Health in 2021 for OB/GYN clinical and teaching responsibilities.


✔️ Raving reviews
✔️ Good success rates
✔️ Very attentive staff
✔️ High egg freezing volume


⭕️ Not responsive at times
⭕️ Billing mistakes occurred
Overview of Northern California Fertility Medical Center
Best Affordable Fertility Clinic in Los Angeles, Orange County, California

Los Angeles Reproductive Center (LARC)

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Los Angeles Reproductive Center (LARC) Fertility clinic has excellent reviews and success rates. Egg freezing cost is $6,000 for a cycle and IVF $7,000, but check what is included in price.


✔️ One of the most affordable in California for egg freezing and IVF
✔️ Good success rates
✔️ Good reviews


⭕️  Some patients experienced admin issues: billing mistakes, scheduling issues
Overview of Los Angeles Reproductive Center (LARC)

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