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Why freeze eggs

Want to have kids later in life? Egg freezing can help increase your chances of getting pregnant in the future.

All of us are born with 1-2 million eggs in our ovaries, but this number declines with time. Since 1986 egg freezing has helped women increase their chances of getting pregnant at a later age.

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Egg freezing is the most common scientifically proven treatment that helps you increase your chances of getting pregnant when you are ready


Women who froze their eggs share:

"My only regret is not doing it sooner! I thought about it for years before actually doing it- I was 34, so definitely on the younger side, but I wish it were something I had considered when I was closer to 30."

- Makenzie F.
"I wish my previous OB hadn't changed my mind about doing it earlier at 28."

- Jessica D.
"It took such a weight off, and if I had known how much it would ease my mind, I would have absolutely done it sooner."

- Anonymous

Traditionally, the cost of egg freezing varies significantly

Costs are calculated per cycle. You might need 1-3 cycles, depending on how early you freeze, your family size goals, or the success rate of the procedure and other variants.

Cost range
Bloodwork & ultrasound*
$2,500 - $3,500*
$550 - $750
Egg retrieval & lab fees
$5,000 - $7,000
Oocyte storage 1 year
$500 - $1,000
(birth control & hormones)*
$4,500 - $8,000*
Total cost range
Type of expenses
$15,000 - $20,000
Blooming Eve partner clinics total cost
starting at $6,000
up to $14,000 savings

*Your health insurance can be billed for some of these expenses

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Did you know that you actually save money on IVF if you freeze your eggs earlier?

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How we help

optimizing your costs

We find high performance clinics that maximize your results, taking into consideration your budget (as low as $4,500 for the cycle with medication) and any other factors unique to your situation.

timely information

You can’t always rely on a timely response from traditional clinics. But with our WhatsApp support group, we’ll be there to quickly get you the information you need on a timely basis. This can help you prevent costly mistakes.

1:1 matching

We’ll match you up with women who have already gone through the egg freezing process, someone who has been there before and can help you know what to expect.

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Want to offer egg freezing as employment benefit?

Already offering medical benefits to your employees? Egg freezing is in demand for educated women. By offering egg freezing as a part of a health plan, you are attracting diverse talent to your team.
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