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Egg freezing FAQ

How much does egg freezing cost?
Is eggs freezing worth it? Why freeze your eggs?
Is freezing eggs painful?
How long is the process?
Is egg freezing covered by insurance?
Freezing eggs vs IVF?
What is the best age for freezing eggs?
Does freezing eggs reduce your fertility?
Can I do egg freezing with IUD?
While preparing to freeze eggs
Where can I freeze my eggs near me?
What I can do to prepare for egg freezing?
What to expect when freezing eggs?
The process
What is the egg freezing process?
Do's and dont's during egg freezing
Can you exercise while freezing eggs?
Can you drink alcohol while freezing eggs?
What medications can I take during the cycle?
Are there any dietary restrictions when freezing eggs?
The egg freezing stimulation medication
Can I take the medication with me to work/when going out?
Is it fine to take the medication 1 hour late?
What if I missed a dose of medication for egg freezing ?
What to do if I am missing medication?
Recovery after the retrieval
What not to do after retrieval?
I feel bloated. What should I do?
I have constipation. Is it normal?
My period is much heavier. Is it ok?
I have nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, decreased urination, intense pain, or significantly gained weight. Is it normal?
What's next after you are done with egg freezing?
Should I do another egg freezing cycle?
Can I ship my eggs or change storage/cryobank?
What can I do with the eggs if I don't need them?
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