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Egg freezing: common misbeliefs

Is egg freezing painful? Is egg freezing dangerous? Is egg freezing worth it? Learn about common misbeliefs about egg freezing.

September 13, 2023

Egg freezing has become very popular among women of all ages, which is not surprising, but it has also given rise to a lot of myths. Let's dispel a few of the myths around egg freezing.

Myth: Egg freezing is experimental and is more like trial and error.

Before 2013, everyone who decided on egg freezing believed that the treatment was still pretty new and that there wasn't enough information on the benefits of using this approach. Nevertheless, scientific evidence shows that freezing eggs is safe, efficient, and no longer regarded as experimental. The methods utilized in egg freezing, such as ovarian stimulation, egg harvesting, and even cryopreservation, have been in use for a very long time and are very secure.

Myth: Egg freezing is dangerous and no babies have been successfully born this way.

No evidence exists to suggest that ovarian stimulation and egg freezing are harmful to women or their future progeny. Numerous studies have revealed no known variations in the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, birth deformities, or pregnancy difficulties when using frozen eggs or embryos (as compared to fresh eggs or embryos). In general, side effects are rare, and when they do occur, they are typically insignificant.

Myth: Egg freezing is a painful process.

The initial hormone therapy injections are typically administered once or twice daily for 8–11 days. A doctor will check in with you 5-7 times during this time to assess how you're doing and see how your body is handling the drug. When you're prepared, the doctor will complete the process by performing an egg retrieval surgery to retrieve your eggs. There is no need to worry about this aspect of the treatment, even though the word "surgery" may make you cringe because there are no sutures or wounds, and it just takes a few minutes. From beginning to end, the process takes around two weeks.

Myth: Egg freezing now can make you infertile later.

Many people believe falsely that egg freezing reduces the number of eggs accessible for a future pregnancy because the procedure includes removing eggs from the body. But in reality, every time we ovulate, we lose more than one egg—both the mature egg we release and the unsuitable ones. By the time we are in our late 20s, doctors estimate that we actually lose hundreds of eggs per month. In order to preserve some of those otherwise "lost" eggs for usage later on, we employ medication to ensure that several eggs develop and mature during the egg freezing procedure.

Myth: Egg freezing is only for rich women.

The cost of egg freezing has kept many women from making use of this technique, and regrettably, the majority of insurance policies do not cover egg freezing. Egg freezing is a true game-changer. However, with more options now available more women can take advantage of freezing their eggs.  Some insurance companies have started offering coverage, and many clinics offer some form of financing. There are studies showing that when the pregnancy is delayed till 40, egg freezing is much more cost-efficient than IVF.

Key Takeaways 

We discovered first-hand through experience and a lot from our friends how difficult it is to find information on the finance and method of egg freezing that is simple to understand. To assist, we gathered the responses to all the frequently asked questions from a variety of books, studies, and doctor interviews in one place. Additionally, Blooming Eve went a step further and compiled a network of over 600 fertility clinics and experts prepared to assist you and provide the best egg-freezing services at a competitive price. If you need any further help, please contact our team today.

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Second opinion fertility doctor video call NatakiSecond opinion fertility doctor video call Nataki
Second opinion fertility doctor video call Nataki

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