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Per cycle, including medication, woman pays:

US average price to freeze eggs
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Traditionally, cost of egg freezing varies significantly

Costs are calculated per cycle. You might need 1-3 cycles, depending on how early you freeze, your family size goals, or the success rate of the procedure and other variants.

Cost range
Bloodwork & ultrasound*
$2,500 - $3,500*
$550 - $750
Egg retrieval & lab fees
$5,000 - $7,000
Oocyte storage 1 year
$500 - $1,000
(birth control & hormones)*
$4,500 - $8,000*
Total cost range
Type of expenses
$15,000 - $20,000
Total Blooming Eve cost
up to $8,000 savings

*Your health insurance can be billed for some of these expenses

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Did you know that you actually save money on IVF if you freeze your eggs earlier?

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egg freezing financing
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Egg freezing financing

To make it affordable we offer multiple payment options that would work for any budget.

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Want to learn more about egg freezing? Get access to our free Egg Freezing 101 guide - a product of deep research of multiple scientific papers and books about fertility prepared in collaboration with our medical advisors.

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We’ve been there

We experienced first hand and heard so much from our friends about how expensive and intimidating egg freezing can be. But it doesn’t even compare to the financial and emotional dread from fighting  involuntary infertility. We want you to have a choice and access to the best care!

That’s why we started Blooming Eve, the place for guidance and support.

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Our squad Fro-Zen says:

"Honestly, I had no idea that after the age of 35 you have such a drop in chances to get pregnant naturally. Not that I was planning to have a kid any time soon, but understanding my fertility really helped me to make more informed decisions. Planning to freeze soon!"
"I got an email from my company with an employee benefits summary which said something about family lifetime maximum limit and a bunch of buzzwords - left me even more confused than before. Thanks to Blooming Eve, I know what it means now."
"I didn’t know where I should go to do my egg freezing and what our company provides in terms of coverage. I tried to start the conversation at work, but noticed weird looks from my male colleagues. I am so happy Blooming Eve exists and now I don’t need to go through this awkward discussions."


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