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What to do and what to avoid during egg freezing

Sex during egg freezing, exercise during egg freezing, alcohol during egg freezing, and other do's and don'ts during the egg freezing process.

We already described what you can do to prepare for the egg freezing cycle in our previous blog. There are some rules to follow during and after your egg freezing procedure as well. We list them here to help you understand what adjustments you may make.

During the stimulation:

  • Decrease or avoid exercising - especially high impact exercises
  • Don’t smoke (including cannabis). Smoking is proven to have a negative effect on your ovaries.
  • Decrease or eliminate alcohol and caffeine.
  • It’s recommended to avoid unprotected sex during stimulation as there is a risk of getting pregnant

After the procedure:

  • Have a rest during the procedure day and have someone to take you home
  • Take painkillers (tylenol and ibuprofen)

While you are bloated (approximately for a week):

  • Decrease or avoid exercising (no high intensity exercising)
  • Don’t use tampons and avoid sex while your ovaries are enlarged
  • Don’t soak in a hot tub or bath

To reduce bloating :

  • Drink electrolytes and protein shakes
  • Eat foods high in fiber
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eliminate alcohol and caffeine as that dehydrates you more
  • Take stool softener if you have constipation

Navigating egg freezing can be complicated and confusing. Blooming Eve guides you through the process, helps to optimize costs on the procedure and medication and get expert and community support so that you never feel lost. Learn more about our fertility support.

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