retrieving eggs for freezing

The egg retrieval procedure

The egg retrieval is a step in IVF, egg freezing, and embryo freezing. It may have mild side effects, but most individuals recover within a few days.

September 20, 2023

The egg retrieval procedure is a critical step in in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg freezing, or embryo freezing. Here's an overview of the procedure:


  - IVF: To retrieve mature eggs from a woman's ovaries for fertilization in a lab.

  - Egg Freezing: To collect and freeze a woman's eggs for future use.

  - Embryo Freezing: To harvest eggs, fertilize them, and freeze resulting embryos for later use.

Egg retrieval procedure

  - Typically performed within 15 minutes under light anesthesia or sedation.

  - A thin, hollow needle is inserted through the vaginal wall into the ovaries.

  - The needle is guided by ultrasound imaging to aspirate mature eggs from follicles.

  - Collected eggs are then immediately transferred to a laboratory for further processing.

Side effects of egg retrieval

  - Common side effects include mild discomfort, bloating, and cramping.

  - Rarely, there can be infection, bleeding, or damage to nearby organs, but these are very uncommon.


  - Most women can resume normal activities within 24 to 48 hours.

  - Mild discomfort and bloating may persist for a few days.

  - Strictly follow your doctor's post-retrieval instructions.

After egg retrieval

  - IVF: After retrieval, eggs are fertilized with sperm, and embryos develop over several days. Some embryos can be frozen if not used in the first implantation.

  - Egg Freezing: Eggs are frozen and stored for future use indefinitely.

  - Embryo Freezing: Embryos are frozen and stored, ready for transfer in a future IVF cycle.

Egg or embryo storage can be a big additional cost. We’ve done the research and found a reliable egg/embryo storage facility for $375 a year (on a 5-year plan). Reach out if you want to save money at a reliable cryobank.

In summary, the egg retrieval procedure is a pivotal step in assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, egg freezing, and embryo freezing. While it may have mild side effects, most individuals recover within a few days, and the timeline varies depending on the specific purpose of the procedure. If you want to get a full scoop of our fertility support, book a consultation. Or find an affordable fertility clinic for a consultation or second opinion.

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