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Does insurance cover freezing eggs?

Is egg freezing covered by insurance? It depends on your company's fertility benefit. General insurance rarely covers egg freezing, but you still may have parts of your treatment covered. Even with no coverage, we can help you save up to $7,000 of your costs.

September 13, 2023

Unless you have medical reasons for going through fertility preservation (ex. receiving chemotherapy that can affect your future fertility), egg freezing is rarely covered by medical insurance (e.g. blue cross blue shield, aetna, cigna, tricare, medicaid, united healthcare). Also if your company has a dedicated fertility benefits program in addition to general medical insurance then your egg/embryo freezing treatment may be fully or partly covered by insurance.

Can at least some parts of egg/embryo freezing be covered by insurance?

If that is not the case, there are still parts of your overall costs that could be covered. Fertility assessment, blood tests, and ultrasound generally could be covered by insurance - you just need to make sure that your doctor and the lab they used are in the network. Also, some insurance plans require a referral to see specialists. In that case, your first appointment at the fertility center won’t be covered unless you get referred by your primary care provider. Just ask for a referral!

Another part that could be partly covered is medication. Some parts of your fertility medication can be covered by your insurance even if the treatment itself is not. Your doctor’s office and the medical pre-authorization team can check with your insurance company if you are eligible for some coverage.

If you don’t have any insurance coverage, don’t worry - we at Blooming Eve help you save on your egg-freezing treatment and medication and also get financing if it is needed. We will guide you through the process and make sure that you get the best quality care. Book consultation to explore your options.

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