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Cost of freezing eggs with insurance

Learn about the cost of egg freezing, whether insurance covers egg freezing what can be covered, and different ways to save on egg freezing. Blooming Eve can help you save on each step of the egg freezing process.

September 15, 2023

Egg freezing can significantly increase a young woman's likelihood of having a biological child in the future. If you're thinking about getting starting with egg freezing, you might be unsure if the high cost is justified. See how egg freezing might fit into your financial plans by weighing the costs below.

Overall cost of freezing your eggs

Without insurance, the average national cost of egg freezing with medication is between $15,000 and $20,000. Bloodwork, ultrasounds, egg retrieval, anesthesia, lab fees for the embryos, and oocyte storage for a year are all included in the overall cost. You will then be required to pay $600-1,000 in annual storage fees. The cycle and drug costs vary significantly depending on which state you live in, the clinic, the medication protocol recommended, and the pharmacy you use. Medication is frequently not included in the clinic's price list. Your insurance may or may not cover the drug and a portion of the cycle.

Does insurance cover egg freezing?

That greatly depends on the type of insurance you or your spouse have, the health benefits provided by your employer, and the clinic you select (in or out of network). Usually, at least a portion of the costs (blood tests, ultrasounds, and some medications) are covered, but you might be fortunate enough to have full coverage.

How you can save on egg freezing

There are several unexpected ways that you can save on the cost of freezing your eggs which include doing the following things:

●  Call your employee benefits representative or read your health insurance policy. Some health insurance plans partially or completely cover the expenditures associated with infertility, such as prescription drugs or subsequent IVF using frozen eggs.

●  Comparison shop, haggle and inquire. Make sure you request an itemized list of what each bundle contains and excludes from the clinics. While some plans and procedures might guarantee a specific number of eggs, others can exclude crucial aspects of your care, like anesthesia or follow-up appointments.

●  Compare prices while buying fertility medications. Reproductive medications are pricey. However, a bargain could be discovered. Ask your healthcare team about pharmacies that might provide patients with special rates when you call around to different pharmacies to inquire about their prices.


Cost is a big consideration when deciding to freeze your eggs.  Not only is there an upfront cost to get the procedure done, but there are ongoing costs to store your eggs and eventually use them if you decide.  Although the cost can seem large, with more women opting for egg freezing, medical providers and insurance companies are starting to support them with more financial options.

We at Blooming Eve know how hard it is to find good, easy-to-understand information about egg freezing and its costs. To help solve this issue, we designed a service to help you optimize your costs and get financing if needed. We offer transparent pricing and access to the curated list of clinics and specialists ready to answer your questions and get you started with the process of freezing your eggs.

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