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How much does it cost to freeze eggs?

Learn how much it costs to freeze eggs. We will go over the total egg freezing cost, including clinical cost and fertility medication costs, as well as the annual storage fee for frozen eggs.

1 - Clinical costs

Fertility assessment

It is always the first step. Fertility assessment cost is usually outside of the cycle cost, but your general insurance often covers it. It consists of bloodwork, an ultrasound, and a conversation with your fertility doctor.  

The cycle:

Egg freezing: $2,500-18,000

The price to freeze eggs varies significantly per clinic. Clinics use the term “cycle,” and it means one stimulation of your natural ovulation cycle ending with egg retrieval and freezing of eggs.

Usually, the cycle includes:

  • bloodwork and ultrasound (monitoring),
  • anesthesia,
  • egg retrieval,
  • lab fees.

Sometimes a clinic might charge you separately for some of the steps, like anesthesia, or add extra services to the cost of the cycle, like 1-year storage fees. It is often hard to understand how much exactly the clinic will charge you. Clinical costs are a significant part of your bill, and you can save a lot by choosing the right clinic. Check our database to compare the prices of different fertility clinics near you.

2 - Medication - $3,000 to $10,000

The price depends on your prescriptions. Your medical protocol will be adjusted on the go depending on how the medication is affecting your body.

3 - Yearly egg storage cost - $300 to $1000

You can keep the eggs at your clinic or transfer them to a more affordable cryobank or egg storage facility. 

It’s a lot, we know. And we are here to help - we will support you throughout your egg freezing process and make sure you are saving money at every step of the process. Learn more about our fertility support.

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