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Get what you need from   medical history

We fetch patient records &
organize data into structured summary

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Step 1
Upload medical history
Or let us gather it
Step 2
We organize it as you like
Use our templates as is or we’ll adjust them to your needs
Step 3
Search for specific records easily
Ask follow up questions to the documents you have
Past medical history
Surgical history
Family history
Reason for referral
Abdominal pain
Abnormal paps
Last Pap smear
Social history
Search from relevant patient information
Gynaecological questions
Infertility workup
ASRM & best fertility clinics guidelines
Abnormal paps
Monitoring of HPV history, colposcopy
Contraception management
what have they tried and failed
Pelvic issues
Abnormal images or pain
and Obstetrics questions
ART  pregnancy
how many cycles, what worked
Past pregnancies
Miscarriages, complications
Emergency room visits
The reason and outcomes
Pregnancy risks
All in one place
Template checklists for gynecological & obstetrics referral
Or upload your own checklists
Ready to integrate
Always compliant
Anastasiia Timon & Anya Kern
Co-founders of Blooming Eve

Join our mission to improve experience in women’s health. Streamlining operations in your clinic makes both your everyday and your patients’ better. Grow your practice with us, joyfully.

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Nuestro equipo aporta más de 15 años de experiencia en medicina reproductiva, salud digital y diseño para reimaginar el acceso a la atención de la fertilidad.

Gerard Reilly, MD


Director of Clinical Research and Innovation Axia Women’s Health

Sunny Jun, MD


CEO y fundador, ejecutivo de salud digital, defensor de la fertilidad y paciente

Dr. Joshua U. Klein


Director clínico de Extend Fertility y profesor clínico adjunto de Obstetricia y Ginecología y Ciencias de la Reproducción

Harry Hokianto, MBA


Ejecutivo de gestión de operaciones de FIV, desarrollo empresarial

Abigail Proffer, MD, FACOG Medical Advisor to Blooming Eve

Abigail Proffer, MD


Director de operaciones y cofundador, diseñador e investigador, defensor de la transparencia de precios y la experiencia del usuario
Department Chair & Physician

Dr. Yaron Goikhman, MD


Israeli Medical Center of Reproductive Medicine and Family Health.

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