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Where to begin?

Always start with fertility assessment

Knowing your baseline fertility will help you create a plan for your future family goals. It will be tested by:

  • bloodwork
  • ultrasound
It is covered by most insurances
⚤ Both men and women are recommended to get tested
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Fertility assessment

It is smart to do yearly for women 27 yo+
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Egg freezing

For women 27-40 yo who want to preserve their fertility for when they are ready to have kids.
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We’ve been there

We experienced first hand how expensive and intimidating egg freezing can be. But it doesn’t even compare to the financial and emotional dread of going through IVF. That’s why we started Blooming Eve, the place for guidance and support.

Our mission is to make fertility care more affordable and understandable. Thus we offer pay what you can model for our end to end guidance.

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Anastasiia Timon

CEO & Founder, digital health executive, fertility advocate and patient

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Dr. Yaron Goikhman, MD

Medical Advisor, practices at Israeli Medical Center of Reproductive Medicine and Family Health.

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Anya Kern

COO & Co-founder. designer and researcher, pricing transparency and user experience advocate

Our community members say:

“I’ve been considering freezing my eggs for a while, but $17k that I saw as an average was a lot for me. Blooming Eve found a clinic for me that charges  $8k total. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Ann, 29 yo
Manhattan, NY

“I didn’t know where I should go to do my egg freezing. I tried calling a few clinics, but it’s hard to get a clear picture of the pricing from them or any suggestions on PCOS. Getting info from Blooming Eve was just a breeze.”

Joy, 34 yo
Los Angeles, CA

“None of my friends or family froze eggs before, so I had nobody to ask how it REALLY is. I just loved Blooming Eve’s 1:1 matching with women who froze eggs before - it really helped me know what to expect and set my mind at ease!”

Ann, 29 yo
Manhattan, NY