Cost of egg freezing & IVF - how to save money on each step

Cost of IVF & egg freezing are difficult to understand. It can include clinical costs, fertility medication costs, and storage costs. Save the most from choosing the right clinic.

December 7, 2023


We will talk about the price of the two fertility treatments that are very similar in steps and price: egg freezing and IVF.

1 - Clinical costs

Fertility assessment

It is always the first step. Fertility assessment cost is usually outside of the cycle cost, but your general insurance often covers it. It consists of bloodwork, an ultrasound, and a conversation with your fertility doctor.

The cycle:
Egg freezing: $2,500-18,000
IVF: $3,500-30,000

The price varies significantly per clinic. Clinics use the term “cycle,” and it means one stimulation of your natural ovulation cycle ending with egg retrieval and freezing of eggs or fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF). Usually, the cycle includes:

bloodwork and ultrasound (monitoring),
egg retrieval,
lab fees,
embryo transfer for IVF (hence IVF is more expensive).

Sometimes a clinic might charge you separately for some of the steps, like anesthesia, or add extra services to the cost of the cycle, like 1-year storage fees. It is often hard to understand how much exactly the clinic will charge you.


  • Compare the pricing of clinics in your area and in other states/cities. Our database has the most robust info you can find.
  • Call your insurance to see if you have the coverage, general inurancy cover infertility treatment in some States .

2 - Medication - $3,000 to $10,000

The price depends on your prescriptions. Your medical protocol will be adjusted on the go depending on how the medication is affecting your body.


  • You can get some of the meds for FREE from our community, where women share their unused extra meds after the procedure.
  • To avoid having extra unused meds, order 50% of the prescribed meds first (will be enough for 4-5 days), then ask your doctor what is the adjusted protocol and order the other 50%. - Saving ~$1k in a cycle.
  • Sometimes you can bill your insurance for medication. To do so, you would need to call your insurance and ask.

3 - Yearly storage fees - $300 to $1000

You can keep the eggs at your clinic or transfer them to a more affordable cryobank. To vet a cryobank, we recommend doing your own research, and here is the research we’ve done.


  • we have a few trusted partner cryobanks starting at $375 a year (for 5 years of storage). Reply to this email if you want us to connect you with them.

Add-on extra costs: IVF/embryo freezing

Some of the clinics may offer additional services and tests when you are going through IVF or embryo freezing. It is up to you if you want or need to do it or not:

Donor sperm ($500)
Frozen embryo transfer ($3,000-7,500)
Genetic testing (~$500-750 per embryo)

It’s a lot, we know.

That is exactly why we started Blooming Eve - to make sense of all of this and minimize your fertility expenses. Book your first FREE fertility consultation with our fertility advocate to get your questions answered.

Second opinion fertility doctor video call Nataki
Second opinion fertility doctor video call NatakiSecond opinion fertility doctor video call Nataki
Second opinion fertility doctor video call Nataki

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