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Egg freezing can help increase your chances of getting pregnant in the future

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You should probably know that

Your egg count significantly drops after 30 years old

Egg freezing is the only existing treatment that helps you increase your chances of getting pregnant when you are ready


Women who froze their eggs share:

"My only regret is not doing it sooner! I thought about it for years before actually doing it- I was 34 so definitely on the younger side but I wish it was something I had considered when I was closer to 30."

- Makenzie F.
"I wish my previous OB hadn't changed my mind about doing it earlier at 28."

- Jessica D.
"It took such a weight off and if I had known how much it would ease my mind I would have absolutely done it sooner."

- Anonymous

We’ve been there

We experienced first hand and heard so much from our friends about how expensive and intimidating egg freezing can be. But it doesn’t even compare to the financial and emotional dread from fighting  involuntary infertility. We want you to have a choice and access to the best care!

That’s why we started Blooming Eve, the place for guidance and support.

Freezing eggs with Blooming Eve is:

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we guide you through each step and available to answer any questions


nearby locations and 24/7 support


transparent pricing and flexible financing options

We have a database of

>600 fertility clinics and specialists

and we do the work for you and chose only the most effective and affordable ones in your area 📍

Our squad “fro-Zen” says:

Honestly, I had no idea that after the age of 35 you have such a drop in chances to get pregnant naturally. Not that I was planning to have a kid any time soon, but understanding my fertility really helped me to make more informed decisions. Planning to freeze soon!
I got an email from my company with an employee benefits summary which said something about family lifetime maximum limit and a bunch of buzzwords - left me even more confused than before. Thanks to Blooming Eve, I know what it means now.
I didn’t know where I should go to do my egg freezing and what our company provides in terms of coverage. I tried to start the conversation at work, but noticed weird looks from my male colleagues. I am so happy Blooming Eve exists and now I don’t need to go through this awkward discussions.

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How we help

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Our experienced advisor will discuss your goals and individual situation  and explain our process in detail

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2. Check your current egg situation

We will set a meeting with one of our curated clinics for fertility assessment (bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound)
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3.  Review your custom plan

We will provide you with all the details of your treatment plan and make any adjustment or sign you up to start the journey
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4. Start your egg freezing journey

We will be there for you for the whole process.

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Want to become  a medical partner?

We are growing our network of medical professionals, services and medications specializing in egg freezing. Join Blooming Eve in our journey to make egg freezing accessible and affordable.

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Want to offer egg freezing as employment benefit?

Already offering medical benefits to your employees? Egg freezing is in demand for educated women. By offering egg freezing as a part of a health plan, you are attracting diverse talent to your team.
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